QuickBooks® For Beginner Training Course

Course Fees

Rs 10,000

HRDC Refund

Rs 6,000

Net Cost

Rs 4,800

On one hand, young people are looking for jobs having no real life working experience. They just want a chance to prove themselves and their capabilities if they are given the opportunity. They want to shoulders their responsibilities, become financially independent but their career is just not taking off. They have been to interviews with big hopes in the beginning and now feeling more are more discouraged as the time passes by.

On the other hand, employers are seeking for young talents to hire in their company to help the development of their business activities. But due to severe competition and pressure from stakeholders, employers want to cut cost, reduce learning time and want ensure that new recruits are productive as soon as possible. So they will naturally give preferences to youth with a bachelor degree having also a track record of other vocational training in business and life skills.

Unemployed graduates are probably the most debated concerns on our planet besides global climate change. We understand what it really means to remain jobless and we help building a better community in our own way. Our Quickbooks® Training Course will support you to get new skills in computerised accounting. It will empower students and jobless persons to improve their employability by acquiring new skills which eventually will open the door to new opportunities.

Invest in your future and achieve your goal with the right mindset!