Whats New in Quickbooks 2018?

QuickBooks 2018, What’s new ?

QuickBooks 2018 for the Windows desktop is finally launched. This new window desktop have many new qualities and have also been upgraded compared to the current ones. There are several improvements as well as significant new order fulfillment features for QuickBooks Business. So let’s see what’s new in QuickBooks 2018.

New features in QuickBooks 2018

1. Multiple monitor support

Intuit has put in more new features so as it will be a facility to work to up to three monitors. However, some people might be upset by how the device has been upgraded.

QuickBooks 2018, has been upgraded comparing to previous ones. The quality has been increased and will be able to work with multiple monitors. That is, working with more monitors can increase the planning and becoming an easier process for many enterprises. As well as, Intuit said that multiple monitors were basically requested by QuickBooks customers.

QuickBooks 2018 and Multiple Monitors works on numbers working on and how it is arranged.

Moreover, using two monitors and allowing multiple monitor mode the program will automatically expand the window to all the monitors.

Showing how you can switch to different monitors:
It is more appropriate and leads to an increase in major enhancement.

However, having single threads and technical problems might be an issue as this is due to how the work is arranged and also varies in different size of monitors.

It can be a problem as well if the services do not support the multiple monitor and report that are not opened or viewed.

It is more convenient and beneficial if you have more than one file to open then multi monitors will be helpful and make the arrangements and work more efficient

2. Search in the chart of accounts

This feature have been surprising to people as it did not exist in QuickBooks. This is going to be helpful for those people who will actually works with different and lots of accounts and also the search will work with some sub-accounts.

3. Cash/Accrual toggle on report

This feature is a small update that can be said is less time-consuming. It will be beneficial for those who switch between Cash and Accrual, as it is will be a facility to flip the basis of the financial report. In QuickBooks 2018, selection is not persistent as if you shut down and reopen again the report it will not save or remember the last setting.

4. Past Due stamp

It is going to be an equitable quality as it will put on past due stamps for invoices.it is going to be useful for those customers who don’t pay on time. Therefore, a red PAST DUE will appear under invoice on the monitor. If sending copies of past-due invoices to consumers it will make it simple that they are past due. Which is actually a new feature.



5. New keyboard shortcuts

It is a feature that is a shortcut for copy/paste transactions. It is actually an improvement where it can be used in invoices, estimates, sales receipts and so on.

6. Inventory report enhancements

QuickBooks inventory reports could not be adjusted to put on columns or change filters. That is, it can be easily added or deleted to modify and plan reports. Intuit has seen and has customized the inventory valuation summary, inventory valuation details, inventory stock status in QuickBooks.

7. Enhanced order fulfillment with Mobile Barcode Scanning

Another feature that is found in QuickBooks. This feature will be able to give better coordination and planning on inventory picking process.


Additionally, security is also important as being a great issue for   QuickBooks enterprises and development therefore, in QuickBooks 2018 a bundle of securities is available.

1. Secure Web Mail

Intuit has developed how QuickBooks functions in mail accounts and using more security methods.

2. Internet Explorer Support

By having internet explorer 11 to be able to have access with QuickBooks.

3. Internal component updates

Intuit has upgrade some internal components to increase security.  Where it is launched and changed as SHA1 to SHA2 for keeping information. Thus, bringing new products and new modern security procedures and many more.


However, Intuit is processing with applying new features to improve all security program and having new features in QuickBooks 2018.